Thursday, 17 March 2016


I've been writing rap for a few years now, all my raps are about my life, this is a particular rap I wrote when me and Vikki first broke up and although it means nothing now I'd still like to share it.


The first time we met I'll never forget
Its the one thing in my life I'll never regret 
You were tall and sexy with long brown hair
Yes you had five kids but I didn't care
I remember the feeling when I first kissed your lips
The touch of your skin on my finger tips
You were sweet and funny with an amazing smile
I longed for the day I'd get you down the aisle
But all that changed and our love went sour
We'd sit there and argue hour after hour 
But there's nothing in the world you could ever say or ever do that will stop me fucking loving you
So you wanna go out and try new things?
Fuck everything that has a minge
Well you go ahead, but don't be sad
When it turns out I'm still the best you've ever had 
I don't want other girls it wont be the same 
Its only me and you in this love fucking game
Your the only girl that can break my heart
Tear it out and rip it apart
Now please remember miss Smith-Shaw
Your the only girl I've ever fucked on the bathroom floor
Now don't get mad and don't get crazy
Your the only one that'll ever be my princess baby 
You think I'm talking to all these other bitches
But I'm lying in bed with the shakes and twitches
I don't want any of those whores and slags 
Or any of them girls out of glamour mags
The only girl for me her name is Vikki
She drives me crazy and makes me sticky 
I cant think of anything else that rhymes
But I'm praying that we make it through these hard times.

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