Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Just a short one

So today i finally managed to get rid of my toothache by using a bag of frozen broccoli wrapped in a tea towel stuck on my face. My friend kelsey came to see me today and im 100% sure it wasnt her who fucked me over with vikki so it must have been my other friend who ive decided is no longer my friend since she blatantly lied to my face. Ive decided im gonna cut anyone talking to vikki out of my life, its the only way im gonna be able to move on, i need to get it into my head that its definitely over, vikki doesnt want me back and she proved it again last night by ignoring me, its time to put myself first and do whats best for me, fuck everyone else there all two faced backstabbing cunts and vikki is welcome to them.

My cousin turns 18 on Saturday and she has a party planned, the party was supposed to be family only but people have been complaing so shes changed it to over 16s only and i just know its gonna be a disaster, theres so many people going that dont get on, there all gonna get drunk and start arguing and fighting, Im so glad im gonna be tucked up in bed with my pooch instead of in the middle of that nightmare.

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