Friday, 18 March 2016

My friends with four legs

Tootsie is a 11 year old jackadoodle, she is my best friend and my oldest dog. Tootsie reminds me of a grumpy old woman, she is very intelligent and understands everything you say but she isn't very friendly with other dogs, she prefers human interaction and will growl and bark if another dog comes near her. Tootsie is a very lazy dog who loves nothing more than being cuddled up with me, she loves attention and will do anything to get it, that includes barking at you, jumping up, licking, scratching your hand if she wants stroked and anything that will make you notice her. Tootsie has been my rock through my anxiety, she keeps me calm by snuggling up with me and letting me stroke her.

Billie is a 2 year old bichon frise, he was originally bought by my mum for my birthday but when I moved out I left him with my mum and he became her dog. Billie is very boisterous but very friendly, he loves people and adores other dogs, he loves nothing better than play fighting with the other dogs in the house, he is very intelligent and will tell you if he needs water, if he's hungry or if he wants a treat. Billie can be very jealous and will bark at you if you're giving another dog more attention than him, he loves getting picked up and cuddled but he will give you the odd lick. Billie is a bit of a stud and has already fathered 4 litters of puppies, he is a brilliant dad and an awesome dog.

Mollie is a 1 1/2 year old bichon frise, she is my sisters dog. Mollie is very timid and shy, it takes her a while to used to a new person and if she doesn't like you she wont go next you or let you stroke her but once she's around people she's comfortable with she is very friendly and playful, she loves other dogs but tends to get a bit ruff if you don't watch her. Mollie loves food, she will eat near enough anything but her favourite is cheese.

Elbi is a 8 week old Shichon, she is the puppy of my exes dog Elsa and my mums dog Billie. Elbi has one of the most comical personality I've ever seen in a dog, she is just finding her voice and is very vocal, if I tell her off she will do the most cutest little growl and bark. Elbi loves nothing more than playing chase with Billie and Mollie, she is a very happy and bouncy pup but can sometimes get into mischief, she has a habit of pinching socks and chewing the toes out of them, she's still learning to behave.

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