Monday, 21 March 2016

betrayal and fake friends

So I've just read Vikki's blog and I'm actually foaming, she wrote on there that she heard me on the phone the other day and wrote all this bullshit about me being happy and stuff, now I only have 2 friends and I've asked them both if they have been in a room with Vikki while I've been on the phone and they both replied NO. so, either Vikki is lying or one of my friends are, I've text Vikki and had no reply, I rang her and got no answer.

I wouldn't of even been mad if one of my friends had of said yes they were with Vikki but somebody is lying to me and not one of them is loyal enough to tell the truth, I feel extremely hurt by my friends but Vikki once again has broke my heart, she writes all this stuff on her blog about me and pins pictures on Pinterest saying she misses me and loves me but when I need her she's never there, I'm not even worth a text back or a 2 minute phone call, I was starting to forget why I was mad at her but now I remember, ill never be important to her and her actions will always speak louder than her words, she'll only ever be loyal to the people who take her for granted and the people who love her will always come last, that's Vikki that's just who she is. if she bothered to take an interest in me than she'd no I'm far from happy, I have no friends and my family apart from my mum and sister are 2 faced cunts. I've got no one and this has just proved to me. people just aren't worth your pain. fuck the lot of them

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