Thursday, 7 April 2016

your worst nightmare!

Your worst nightmare

Your just a crazy lady, ill make you famous baby ill write songs about our life and how you nearly became my wife just like shady did with kim, ill be your Marshall, your eminem and when i'm through, you will hate me but you'll still wanna date me 'cause true love never dies no matter how hard you try it just gets under your skin and fucks you hard within and theres just no escape, no matter what road you take, ill always be there in your head, ill be the sheets on your bed, ill be the sun in the sky, ill be that evil little lie, i will take over your soul untill you lose all control, ill do what you done to me and you will beg to be free but that wont work this time i'll just start another rhyme and I'll write rap after rap untill i fall off the map and theres nothing left no more but one fucking encore so untill theres no lyrics left to share ill be your fucking worst nightmare.

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