Friday, 8 April 2016

My untold story

My life has been, far from easy, my brother? yeah he's fucking sleazy, he stole my innocence, my childhood too, made me do things I didn't wanna do, he fucked me up and tore me down, he's the reason for my constant frown, he's the reason that I used the blade and every cut I'd like to dedicate, for all the times he made me cry and all the the times he made me wanna die, he made me hide his deep dark secret, said my mother would die, if I didn't keep it but in the end he was the was the one that failed when the truth ended up with him getting jailed, a year and 8 months in a prison cell, I hope you went through fucking hell, I hope you cried night after night, I hope you had days when you didn't wanna fight, I hope you felt all the pain I did, when I was only a little kid, I was 6 years old when it started to unfold, let's play a game is what I was told but it wasn't a game, was it bro? All your love was just for show, but I must admit i learnt a few things, like, all devils have angel wings and life is not, all rainbows and kittens, you'll get hated if you don't fit in, society is so fucked up these days, unless you fit the fucking mold, your story will always be left untold!

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