Monday, 4 April 2016

One for the road (rap song)

A narcissists love

Theres so much shit in my brain, that woman she drives me insane, the sleeping pills have no effect, there was no love, just neglect, she turned out evil to the core, stripped my down soul till it was raw, cant belive that she was my wish, that evil narrsasstic bitch, wanted me to follow her rules like she was my teacher at school, she would flip at the drop of a hat, throw in a few puches, some slaps, i couldnt do anything right, could barely breathe without a fight but i love her to bits, maybe control is how she gets her kicks, we all have a dark side deep down that most of us disguise with a crown its only when the halo slips, we see the chains and the whips, they've already got you on side so there no more reasons to hide the devil inside of their soul thats buried deep down like a mole and theres no way to escape, love has already started to overtake, she grinds you into the ground your scared you'll never be found, she turns the truth into lies, slowly your faith and hope dies, theres nothing left just a shell, you survived three years of this hell, its time for you to be strong, pick up your pieces, move on

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